Tawa to Moerangi Network

  • For intermediate through to expert riders
  • Variety of track types
  • Distance from the main car parks and hilly terrain means you need to be fit to head outback!
  • Some of these trails lead to great views Lake Rotokakahi or out to Lake Tikitapu

You can park at the bottom of Hill Rd to reduce the ride distance or catch the shuttle to avoid any major up hill riding. The riding effort is worth it though with some fantastic flowing downhill singletracks, jump and pump tracks and some technical tracks to keep you on your toes.

These trails are found in the Tawa/Moerangi Area:

  • Hot X Buns – Grade 4
  • Sidewinder – Grade 3
  • Lentil Link – Grade 2
  • Huckleberry Hound – Grde 4
  • Little Red Riding Huck – Grade 4
  • Corners – Grade 3
  • Frontal Lobotomy – Grade 2
  • Eagle vs Shark – Grade 3
  • Billy T – Grade 4
  • G- Rock – Grade 4
  • Roller Coaster – Grade 3
  • Moonshine – Grade 3
  • Chestnut Link and Link 1- Grade 2
  • Split Enz – Grade 3
  • Rocky Horror, Riff Raff, Damit Janet, Frankin Furter, Time Warp – Grade 5
  • Pondy DownHill and New  – Grade 3
  • Kung Fu Walrus – Grade 4 (views of Lake Rotokakahi)
  • Tihi O Tawa (DOC) – Grade 3
  • Tuhoto Ariki (DOC) – Grade 4 (Dual-Use)
  • Hatupatu (DOC) – Grade 5
  • Kataore (DOC) – Grade 5 (closes drop not far from Lake Tikitapu)

To find out about these trails and more, check out the trail descriptions written by bikers, for bikers on RideRotorua.com. Remember to click the tab at the top of the track list to search by Trail Grade. Popularity or Name.

These trails are accessible by taking the shuttle bus.

Tuhoto Ariki A respected and feared Tuhourangi tohunga (priest) who predicted the Mt. Tarawera eruption.

Tihi O Tawa means ‘Top of Tawa’.

Hatupatu A respected warrior who hunted in this area, made famous through Maori legends.