Short Walks


Redwood Memorial Grove track 2.0km 30MINS

On this popular track you can meander through the breathtaking Californian Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) which were planted in 1901. These towering trees stand at approximately 219 feet (67 metres) tall and create a wonderful shelter, along with the under planted European Larch, for a diverse range of native plants and birds. Another feature of this track is the board walk, which takes you across the old thermal pond, home to a variety of exotic aquatic plant life. Admire these magnificent trees which are dedicated to the memory of the men of the New Zealand Forest Service who died in the two World Wars.

Waitawa Walk 3.4km 1HOUR

This track takes you on an extension of the Redwood Track through the breathtaking Redwoods into a magnificent stand of Douglas fir. Discover the famous New Zealand Silver fern and the giant Mamaku ferns. Join the nature trail where many of the trees and plants are identified along the way.